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                     "Catalina Reverb Amp"

NEW!! Catalina Reverb Amp Based on the 60s Black Face Princeton Reverb.15 Watts RMS. All tube, handwired. Choice of 10" or 12" speaker. Features Reverb and Tremolo. Custom Ocean Sparkle Tolex. Price:  $1795


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  5 Watts of Total Bliss


"RK 18 Head & Combo"

A replica of the hard to find, 1960's Marshall 18 watt lead combo amplifier with two channels (4 inputs) with a tremolo unit operating on channel two. You can order this amp with an optional rectifier switch it allows you to switch between the tube rectifier and a solid state diode rectifier. The 18 watt is for the player who needs vintage tone and reliability in a amp that every sound man will thank you for. If you desire an amp with great touch sensitivity, sweet even-order harmonics and outstanding dynamic range in a combo or head this amp is for you.



"RK 45 Head & Combo"
(30 to 35 watts)

The "RK Combo" is a replica of the famed 1960's Bluesbreaker 2x12 combo.  The
"RK 45 Head" is a replica of the mid 60's JTM 45™.
Unlike the reissue, this amp is hand wired point to point on a vintage style turret board and is built to the exact specs of the original.  The output tranny built for me by heyboer with the 6.6k primary plate load is optimal for the kt-66 power tubes. As in the originals, the filtering in the first cap is a double 32mf cap and the second is a double 16mf cap. This amp uses the early "plexi" tone control values along with the standard preamp values. You can also order this amp with the optional negative feedback control adjustable from the stock 27k to 77k (mounted on back of amp).  This will give you more or less power amp gain.  Eric Clapton beano tone to AC/DC, its all here. 


  "RK 50 Head and Combo"
The RK50 is modeled after Marshalls JTM50 using EL34 power tubes instead of the KT66 power tubes used in the JTM45 and the Retro King RK45. The Rk50 shares the same preamp, filtering, GZ34 rectifier tube and Lower plate voltage of the RK45/JTM45 But has a 3.4k output transformer for optimum tone for the EL34 power tubes. The amp comes standard with a Post PI master volume that is installed on the back of the amp. A very sweet sounding amp and one of my favorite circuits.

The RK50 is available in three head box sizes: Small box 9” H x 26” W x 8 ¼” D; extra small box 9”H x 24”W x 8 ¼”D; smallest box 9 ¼”H x 20”W x 8 ¼”D 1x12 and a 2x12 combo available.

  Plexi 50 Head and Combo
The "Plexi 50" is a replica of the 1960's 50 watt plexi with a solid state rectifier (you can order this with a GZ34 rectifier tube * if you want).  It uses two EL-34 output tubes and a heyboer 50 watt plexi output transformer. The output tranny built for me by heyboer has the correct 3.4k primary plate load.  Unlike the 45, which uses a shared cathode, the 50 watt uses a separate cathode arrangement on the first tube, which adds pre-amp gain.  A .68 bypass cap on the second stage 33k slope resistor and 500pf cap gives that classic British midrange crunch of the original. 

  “Rio De Lodo”
One of my favorite amps made by Fender was the 1962 Brown Face Deluxe. It had a different sound than any of the Fender models, sort of a cross between Marshall and Fender.  You can have this iconic sound with the Retro King “Rio De Lodo” Amp without paying crazy $$$$ for the originals.  I did change a few things to give this amp more versatility.  I Put in an adjustable bias control and also changed the normal channels preamp to have more of a “blackface” tone.  On the original circuit there wasnt much tone and gain difference between the bright and normal channels, so I changed the normal channel to have more of a “blackface” slightly scooped tone and the marshall mid type tone on the bright channel was left stock as on the original.  The normal channel has more gain than a blackface circuit because of the single tone control.  You can combine the channels with a patch cable or A/B the channels for rythmn and lead sounds.  I can build the amp stock also if you wish.  The trem is smokey and lush and I slowed it down a bit to give it more range than the original.


"Tremtone " 5G9

A rare circuit that was only made for a year or two in the late 50's is sought after and hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find one expect to pay $3,000 to $6,000. I have re-created this awesome amp and, in my opinion, it is the best sounding
tweed amp.

The cabinet is made of pine and is lacquered as they did in the 50's. This cabinet is known as the "Big Box" which gives the 20 watt circuit nice lower mids and low end compared to a deluxe size cabinet. This amp also has the best tremolo I ever heard. Another thing that sets this amp apart from some of the other lower watt tweed amps is that it has a long tailed phase inverter that gives this circuit some great head room.

The speaker is a 12" Weber Alnico 12A150 and sounds perfect with this amp.





Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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