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Retro King RK 50

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click on photo for larger view

Price:  $1895
5 year limited warranty.
1 yr speakers 90 days tubes

DescriptionThe RK50 is modeled after Marshalls JTM50 using EL34 power tubes instead of the KT66 power tubes used in the JTM45 and the Retro King RK45. The Rk50 shares the same preamp, filtering, GZ34 rectifier tube and Lower plate voltage of the RK45/JTM45 But has a 3.4k output transformer for optimum tone for the EL34 power tubes. The amp comes standard with a Post PI master volume that is installed on the back of the amp. A very sweet sounding amp and one of my favorite circuits.

The RK50 is available in three head box sizes:
Small box 9 H x 26 W x 8 D
Extra small box 9H x 24W x 8 D
Smallest box 9 H x 20W x 8 D
1x12 and 2x12 combo available.

click on photo for larger view
Zero Loss Effects loop
add $150.00
Cathode cap switch
add $50.00
Negative Feedback Control:
add $50.00




Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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