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Retro King “Rio De Lodo”

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Price:  $1,695.00

One of my favorite amps made by Fender was the 1962 Brown Face Deluxe. It had a different sound than any of the Fender models, sort of a cross between Marshall and Fender.  You can have this iconic sound with the Retro King “Rio De Lodo” Amp without paying crazy $$$$ for the originals.  I did change a few things to give this amp more versatility.  I Put in an adjustable bias control and also changed the normal channels preamp to have more of a “blackface” tone.  On the original circuit there wasnt much tone and gain difference between the bright and normal channels, so I changed the normal channel to have more of a “blackface” slightly scooped tone and the marshall mid type tone on the bright channel was left stock as on the original.  The normal channel has more gain than a blackface circuit because of the single tone control.  You can combine the channels with a patch cable or A/B the channels for rythmn and lead sounds.  I can build the amp stock also if you wish.  The trem is smokey and lush and I slowed it down a bit to give it more range than the original.


Pine cabinet – Eminence “Lil Texas”
12 inch speaker
       (other speakers available by request)
Trem foot switch
JJ 6V6 power tubes
JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
JJ GZ34 rec tube
Sozo blue capacitors
Carbon comp resistors
Correct spec American made transformers
Hand wired on a vintage style “eyelet” board

Click on photos for larger view

Click on photo for larger view
 March 9, 2018

I got to break in the Rio last night at a gig, sounded oh so sweet. I switched between both channels but couldn’t figure out which one I liked the most. They both sound great and the tremolo really sweetened it up. Thanks again for doing what you do.
We’re all lucky because of it!

Doug Black


Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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