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Cathode Cap Mod:   add $35.00
On the plexi and metal face amps up through 1972, there was a .68 cap on the second stage cathode circuit.  It gave an increase in gain and midrange. My 50 watts come stock with this cap but you can order this amp with a small switch (that I install on the front panel) that takes this cap in and out of the circuit.


Gain Stage Mod:    add $100.00
I also offer my gain mod, which works like this: the input tube has two sides, channel one uses one half of the tube, channel two uses the other half.  On the gain mod, one half of the tube drives the other half of the tube using the volume two pot as the gain control and the volume one pot as the volume control.  This gives you a great amount of controllable gain.  When you plug into the channel one input, it bypasses the extra gain stage and works like a stock plexi preamp. Both channels work with a master volume that I install on the front or back of the amp. The master volume is included in the gain stage mod.

Tube-diode rectifier switch:    add $50.00

Negative Feedback Control:  add $35.00
Also available is the optional negative feedback control. In these amps the negative feedback resistor varied from 47k to 100k depending on the year. With the control (mounted on back of amp) you can adjust this from 47k to 100k. This will give you more or less power amp gain.

Master Volume Mod:      add $50.00
Pre or post Pl master volume. I install these on the rear of the amp or in the front in an unused input jack hole.

Adjustable line out                 add $50.00

Zero Loss Effects loop with bypass switch add $150.00

Tolex & Grill Cloth Options
All Retro-King amps and cabinets come stock with Black Levant Tolex and Salt & Pepper (basket weave) Grill Cloth.   Here are some options available.

  Knobs: chicken head knobs. $10.00 upcharge  


Black           Blue           Cream              Green                  Purple               Red



Celestion Speaker Selection  
  Other Speaker Brands available by request.  



Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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