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Tube Amp Repair, Restoration & Mods

I have done repair work on tube amps for many years and specialize in vintage Fender™ & Marshall™ tube amps. 
If you need my services for an amp with a problem or you just want your amp to sound 100%,
give me a call at
(315) 673-3435, or e-mail me


MOD Review:
"Kinda hesitant to contact someone on-line for custom amp mods and define "a sound" or "tone" your looking for? It's like trying to describe the color blue....where to start? Well, it sure helps when the fellow listenin' to all your gibberish is also a guitarist and hears those same little sounds in their own head, make's life that much easier.

When I spoke to Chuck at Retro-King and mentioned what I was looking for, he responded "I think I know what you
want"....he sure did. I had the amp back in a week, including the two days to get it there, fired it up and nearly shat myself, Chuck nailed it, first shot.

My amp was a custom built Plexi in a previous life from another "boutique" shop, great work and an excellent base for the mods. I wanted lots of thick lush gain and still be able to return back to that old plexi clean with a simple move of the jack.

Chuck put an overall "master" volume in, revoiced the front end and added increased mid control and now I have a fire breathin' dragon without pedals, E.Q.'s etc when ever I want it and without hassle.

Granted, Chuck has his own line of amps and could easily have given me a sales pitch to push product, he didn't, instead he worked with me, to save a heap of dough and make the best of what I had already spent much hard earned cash on, thanks again Chuck."


May 8, 2006

Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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