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If you are the proud owner of a retroking amp please send me some pictures to put up on this page email photos to

Castle Creek with their pair of Retro King 18 watt combos

Retro-King Plexi 50 in
brown ostrich tolex

Guitarist Gus Garabedian (Lucky Lopez Band) using 18watt Retro King Combo in concert at Tower Theater Fresno Cal. on 4-27-10

I picked up this 18 watt (serial# 044) from a guy at The Gear Page about a month ago and it is really a phenomenal sounding amp.

Best wishes,

Chuck, great amp. I bought #15 off Ebay and was kind of giving up on boutique 18 watt amps when this puppy arrived. I played my first gig with it this Sunday afternoon and was laughing remembering your slogan saying this is the amp "every sound man will thank you for". read more.......

I have been enjoying the heck out of your 18 watt Plexi. It really is the Marshall tone I was looking for. Unbelievable tone.



Plexi 50 in a small custom size cab. rough blonde tolex
(click on photos for larger view)

Hey Chuck,
Man, just loving the amp. Had several people commenting on it at shows this weekend. I've spent a lot of time over the past couple years trying to find an amp that was working in both feel and tone,
and this Plexi 50 has captured both. I've done so many boutique and reissue amps, and this is the first to give it up on so many different levels. The tube rectifier really adjusts the feel to my preferences,
and the tone is so musical and not-harsh, that I keep blowing people out without realizing it. : ) Guess I'll have to make use of the master volume..... occasionally.

I attached a couple pictures if you'd like to use them for anything. The blonde custom sized cab really turned out gorgeous in my opinion.

Thanks again man,

Clint Milburn



RK45 in Action!

Tom Shemer guitarist for "The Damn Truth" with his Retro-King 45 combo
"Hey Chuck just wanted to write a quick note to say hey and let you know how much I love the amp!

We've been touring ALOT and ppl everywhere always always ask me about this beast man I love this thing.

We are heading to Europe in about two weeks! Gonna be fun.

Much love chuck!"


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