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Retro-King Donates AMP to
Camp Liberty, Baghdad, IRAQ

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My name is CPT Matt Hamrick and I am stationed in Iraq. I am a Cavalry Chaplain and in my free time I play guitar in the church band here in Baghdad, Camp Liberty. Our equipment is pretty good except for the amplifier. It is a 6 inch speaker that doesn't work most of the time.

We have repaired it several times and I think it is finally done. The Soldiers asked me to write to you and ask for a replacement amplifier.

I would be very grateful if you would consider sending us one.
Thank you
Matt Hamrick

I got the amp in the mail! It is amazing. It can blow the doors off this place. Thank you so much........Matt

We used the amp in chapel today and it sounded great. Here are some pics of me and some of my Soldiers who play keys and guitar. I am in the middle. Thank you again, Matt




Not trying to reinvent the wheel.....just making damn sure it will ROCK & ROLL!


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